One train, three routes, lots of vacation destinations

In the ALPEN-SYLT Nachtexpress, you travel directly to the sea, the mountains or Lake Constance overnight without changing trains. Avoid traffic jams and stress, save yourself an extra night in a hotel - and arrive fresh and rested at your destination the next morning. This year in particular, enjoy safe travel in your own private compartment without having to board a third party.

1000 kilometers to the... Sea

Lighthouses, beach chairs, thatched-roof villages and endless space await you at your vacation destination in Schleswig-Holstein. Whether on the mainland in Husum (one of our stops) or our destination station on Sylt - the North Sea with the Wadden Sea National Park World Heritage Site offers you breathing space and freshness in the midst of beautiful nature this summer. You can also reach the Halligen by ferry from Dagebüll-Mole (direct connection from our stop Niebüll).

1000 kilometers to the... Summit

Hiking trails, mountain lakes, sparse forests and breathtaking mountain scenery - vacations in the Salzburger Land offer you activity, relaxation and discovery in our neighboring country Austria. The Mozart and festival city of Salzburg, our destination station, is worth a visit at any time of the year with its many sights.

1000 kilometers to the... Lake Constance (new!)

Lake Constance, 63 kilometers long and 536 square kilometers in size, connects Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the foothills of the Alps. Beautiful beaches, natural areas and attractive cities such as our stops Constance and Radolfzell make the region one of the most famous and popular vacation destinations in the region.

Attractive vacation destinations directly on the route...