The third largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg is not necessarily on the agenda of globetrotters, but with its location on the Lech River, the Augsburg - Western Forests Nature Park (Naturpark Augsburg – Westliche Wälder) and numerous historical sights such as the Fuggerei, the City Hall and the Perlachturm, Augsburg still has a lot to offer visitors. The city is one of the oldest in Germany and is now a university city and the seat of government for the region of Swabia. 

City Hall and Perlachturm

We start with the famous Augsburg City Hall, which is considered the landmark of the city and was built between 1615 and 1624 by Elias Holl. Meanwhile, it is one of the most important buildings of the Renaissance. For the best panorama of the impressive city hall, you should stand opposite it on the large Rathausplatz. The view from here is phenomenal!

The Perlachturm was already built in the 10th century as a watchtower and got a new appearance in the 17th century by Elias Holl, at the same time as the city hall was built. Meanwhile, the 70-meter-high building, which stands right next to the town hall, is used as a lookout tower.

Augsburg Insider Tip: The City Wall

During Roman times, a huge city wall was built around Augsburg to protect the city from sieges and attacks. Although it is long since incomplete, you can walk along a longer strip of the wall at the Fischertor.

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Fotos: Manuel Schönfeld / Adobe Stock, Stefan Seider / Adobe Stock, nemo1963 / Adobe Stock