Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg stands for multifaceted diversity. With relaxation and activity, pleasure and spirit, nature and architecture, art and culture. With the natural serenity and dynamic energy that defines the student city's attitude to life in Germany's sunny south (sunniest city in Germany).

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Green City Freiburg

The time to act is now. Freiburg has realised this  already back in the 1970s and set out to become an environmentally friendly city. Many sustainable concepts were developed and numerous projects implemented. The "we" was and still is on the main focus at all times: together with the residents, the economy, science, educational institutions, churches, cultural institutions and many other institutions a unique Freiburg mix was created, which is now known worldwide under the slogan "Green City Freiburg".

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Awarded Freiburg

Lonely Planet awarded Freiburg with the 3rd place of the top 10 cities of the "Best in Travel City-Destinations of the World 2022".

Freiburg is not only the charismatic, environmentally conscious Black Forest metropolis, but also fulfills all the clichés of German tranquility with its cobblestone alleyways, beautiful house facades, the Old University and the cathedral. This is what the travel experts at Lonely Planet report in the new edition of "Best in Travel 2022".

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