Hamburg, my pearl

With the harbor, the Elbphilharmonie and the Alster in the middle of the city, Hamburg inspires anew with every visit! For nature lovers, the Hanseatic city offers many beautiful places along the Alster and Elbe for a little time out. On the other hand, if you are looking for a little more urban flair, you can go on a discovery tour through numerous museums, churches, exhibitions and shopping districts in Hamburg and visit the legendary Reeperbahn in the amusement district of St. Pauli or musical theaters in the harbor in the evening.

The gateway to the world

Hamburg, Germany's most important port city, is also a magnet for tourists. Every year, around 70 million people want to get to know the "Gateway to the World," as the city is also known. The country's largest overseas port is automatically associated with the idea of coming to a city by the sea. But this is a misconception. Hamburg and also the overseas port are not located on the coast, but quite a bit inland on the Elbe. If you want to get from here to the sea, you have to go a few kilometers down the Elbe, past Wedel, Glückstadt and Brunsbüttel.

Hanseatic flair

Nevertheless, you can breathe the sailor's flair in the city, not least because of the harbor and the Speicherstadt. Both are highlights on a tour of Hamburg, and not to forget, of course, St. Pauli, the entertainment district made famous by numerous books and films.

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