Horb am Neckar

Horb lies picturesquely on the course of the upper Neckar. As a popular destination for excursions, the river is happy to be accompanied on its journey through Horb for a while.

From the Neckar, Horb climbs the mountain spur with its historic old town, Schütteturm, Ottilienkapelle. Railroad fans will get their money's worth at the SVG Eisenbahn Erlebniswelt.

Experience nature and history

The collegiate church towers majestically high above. More than 900 years of history are omnipresent in Horb. A walk through winding alleys and over Horber "Stäpfele" promises an exciting journey through time. Horb is proud of one of the most beautiful town silhouettes in Germany. The town hall on the historic market square with the famous Horber picture book tells town history. Anyone interested in culture and history is welcome in Horb's museums.
The heart of the city beats in the core city. But what would it be without its 17 districts, which cluster around the center as lively villages. More than 25,000 Horber residents live in the 120-square-kilometer city in a charming landscape. In hiking boots or on a bike - on signposted paths, the discovery tour leads through valley landscapes rich in springs, cool forests or over sunny heights.

The people of Horb know how to celebrate - on a large and small scale. Every year, thousands of visitors immerse themselves in the medieval hustle and bustle of the Horber Ritterspiele. They experience proud knight fights, colorful market hustle and bustle and real camp life in historical perfection. The Horber Musiktage (Horb Music Days) strike a quiet note. Music lovers can enjoy top-class concerts, opera performances and singing evenings. During the fifth season, Horb becomes a carnival stronghold.

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