Ludwigsburg (near Suttgart)

With a stop in Ludwigsburg, our night express travels directly to the region around the metropolis of Stuttgart, which is crisscrossed by many hills and valleys. From there, it is only twelve kilometers to the center of Stuttgart with sights such as the New Stuttgart Palace (Neues Schloss Stuttgart), the rack railroad or the historic market hall. Not only car fans will be thrilled by the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


More than the world car capital

The Stuttgart of today could justifiably and fairly lay claim to the absolutely deserved title of "World Car Capital". Even people who are not interested in mechanical engineering flawlessly associate this city with the brand "Mercedes-Benz". Two of the largest car museums (of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche) are located in the city.

The city is also one of the most important and largest cultural centers of both Germany and Europe. Thousands of tourists come here to admire the churches of the city (Cathedral Church of St. Eberhard, Collegiate Church of Stuttgart, Leonhard Church, Hospital Church) and the beauty of the city squares (Königstraße, Schlossplatz, Schillerplatz, Marktplatz). Nobody is left indifferent after visiting the palaces and castles of the city. Of course, besides the car museums, Stuttgart is proud of other museums: the State Gallery, the Art Museum, the Wine Museum, the Linden Museum, etc. In the city there is also the Hegel Museum.

Culinary delights are available to everyone in the Stuttgart region: from rustic Besenwirtschaften, which serve Swabian specialties with their own wine, to cozy wine taverns and restaurants, to 22 star-studded top gourmet restaurants. The wines of the region can be enjoyed in late summer in a cozy atmosphere under the open sky: Every year, the Stuttgart Wine Village invites visitors to enjoy Trollinger, Riesling and Co. The Stuttgart Art Nouveau Market Hall is a must for gourmets.

On the slopes of Stuttgart grows wine, which was a main source of income for the city until the 19th century. Over 400 staircases that once led to the wine terraces and neighboring villages are still preserved today. In total, they add up to over 20 kilometers! 

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Baroque and modern

Ludwigsburg, 12 km from Stuttgart, is a charming, modern city where history, present and future combine to form a symbiosis. The baroque palaces, and especially the residential palace in the heart of the city, the garden show "Blühendes Barock", the historic avenues, the spacious baroque market square surrounded by arcades, but also the extensive barracks buildings give the city, founded at the beginning of the 18th century, its distinctive character.

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