Niebüll - direct connection to Föhr and Amrum

Niebüll offers you a direct connection with modern trains to Dagebüll. From Dagebüll you can reach the islands of Föhr and Amrum comfortably by ferry. The ferry terminal is located directly at the train station Dagebüll-Mole, which is the terminus of the private railway line Niebüll - Dagebüll.
In Dagebüll you can already sniff North Sea air and enjoy the wide view!

NEG train timetables from Niebüll to Dagebüll are here.

Timetables of the ferry from Dagebüll are available here.

The train schedule and ferry departures are coordinated.


Vacation in the Frisian Caribbean

Anyone who has been to Föhr once will always come back, because the island is simply good for body and soul. Healthy air, milder temperatures, longer hours of sunshine - it is not without reason that Föhr is known as The Frisian Caribbean. In this fun-loving climate, you will quickly leave everyday life behind and breathe deeply with every step you take. Föhr is simply the island with the special feel-good effect.

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The pearl of the North Sea with dreamlike knee sand

Spectacular and breathtaking is the sight when you look at the beach on the North Sea island of Amrum at the Norddorfer Übergang. 15 kilometers long, almost two kilometers wide and thus one of the largest beaches in Europe. And that on such a small island.

Kniepsand is the name of this spectacular thing and not only offers vacationers space for swimming, digging and walking, but is also with a unique dune landscape, a huge nature reserve. And the best thing is that the Kniepsand increases from year to year due to the offshore sandbanks.

You can actually leave the car right there, because the island is very easy to access by bike and the well-developed bus network. Cyclists and hikers will find the most beautiful tours through the idyllic villages.

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