Lake Constance

Floating gardens and numerous creative gardendesigns between the lake and the mountains await visitors to Lake Constance. In addition, the Lake Constance Garden-Network invites you to numerous events in the most beautiful gardens around the lake.

Arrival by train: If you take our night express to Basel Bad, you can travel from there to Radolfzell in less than 1.5 hours by train (e.g. IRE3) without changing trains.

Traveling by car: If you take our Nachtexpress to Freiburg (Breisgau) Hbf, you can get from there to Radolfzell or Constance by car within 2 hours. If you would like to travel further by car, you can benefit from our partnership with Sixt:
- Car rental here
- Limousine service here


Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance and also the only German municipality on the southern shore of the lake. The well-preserved historic city center borders directly on Switzerland, Lake Constance and the "Seerhein", which here leaves the "Obersee" as a broad ribbon of water in a northwesterly direction. On clear days, the view from Constance harbor sweeps over the sailboats bobbing in the water and the wide expanse of deep blue Lake Constance to the imposing peaks of the foothills of the Alps.All year round, the city invites you to hike, bike, shop or simply linger.

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Once a small, tranquil fishing village, today the center of the "Untersee" region: Radolfzell on Lake Constance is nestled in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe and, as a state-recognized spa and recreation resort, it welcomes its guests with open arms and offers everything what heart and soul desires. 

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