Welcome aboard the couchette car

In the flexible couchette compartment, you can enjoy the train ride in comfort (when booking a private compartment: no third parties boarding, therefore no mask requirement in the compartment). Chat, play games, watch movies, puzzle, read or have a cheerful toast - time passes in no time at all. For a good night's sleep, simply fold down the bench seat and backrest to create comfortable couches - and snuggle up in blankets and pillows. The window can be opened for ventilation on the way.

For freshening up on the way, two washrooms are available in the corridor.

We offer three comfort categories:

Couchette Private Compartement Plus with more space and comfort (max. 4 persons incl.)

• Couchette Private Compartement (max. 5 persons incl.)

• Single-Couchette

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Flexible travel in private or public compartments

For your travel we offer you a private compartment ticket for a maximum of five people incl. in your private couchette compartment.

In the couchette compartment, you can as well book very favorable single couchette saver price tickets for the small travel budget from 39 € (without service or refund and only while stocks last). If you prefer to book with the option of exchange or refund, please select the single couchette normal price ticket.

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* while stocks last

For female single travelers with single couchette tickets we offer a women couchette compartment. After a successfull booking, please contact us with your ticket number by writing to buchung@nachtexpress.de. We then place you manually into the women compartment. Couchettes in the women compartment can be booked until four days before departure.

Couchette private compartment

In the couchette car, you can book your own private compartment as usual (without boarding of third parties, therefore no mask requirement). The private compartment ticket allows you to travel as a group with a maximum of five persons - all included in the ticketprice.

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Our Couchette Plus

The Couchette Plus offers all advantages of a couchette with the Extra Plus.

You get extra towels, comfortable beddings and free breakfast for all passengers. Plus, the compartment is prepared for max. four persons in order to provide more space and privacy for you and your fellow passengers.

If you would like to have breakfast fin the morning, please book this directly with your ticket purchase in advance. If you would like to use our wakeup-service for breakfast-time, just speak to our friendly service team.

Otherwise, snacks, soft drinks, hot drinks or spirits can be purchased in the minibar compartment en route (card payment or payment apps only, no cash). You are also welcome to consume the provisions you have brought with you on the way.

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Anticipation is the best joy

"Mr. Brinkmann und Mrs. Schaffnerin" in our Video show you how relaxed your stay with us on board in our couchette car compartment is...