Welcome aboard the couchette car

Travel in the comfortable couchette compartment with up to 6 people without the entry of third parties (no mask requirement in the compartment, only when entering/exiting and in the corridors). For a good night's sleep, simply fold down the comfortably upholstered bench seat and backrest into a couchette and snuggle up comfortably in your freshly made bedding with blanket and pillow. You can open the window for ventilation on the way.

For freshening up on the way, two washrooms are available in the corridor.

If you would like to have breakfast for yourself and your fellow passengers in the morning, please book this directly with your ticket purchase in advance. If you would like to be woken up for this, simply speak to our friendly service team.

Otherwise, snacks, soft drinks, hot drinks or spirits can be purchased in the minibar compartment en route (card payment or payment apps only, no cash). You are also welcome to consume the provisions you have brought with you on the way.

Book your couchette ticket here.

Alone, in pairs or up to six people

If you are traveling alone or with a child up to the age of 14, we offer you a contingent of low-priced Single fare tickets*, Duo fare tickets* for two, and Friends & Family fare tickets for a maximum of six people in your private couchette compartment.

For more information on our fares, click here.

* while stocks last

Anticipation is the best joy

"Mr. Brinkmann und Mrs. Schaffnerin" in our Video show you how relaxed your stay with us on board in our couchette car compartment is...