Mecklenburg Baltic Coast

Vacation at the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast - between sandy beach and brick Gothic.


During your vacation in Rostock, you can go on the tracks of the old Hanseatic era. The imposing brick Gothic churches of St. Marien or St. Petri and the proud merchants' houses shape Rostock's soul with their stories. During a stroll through the Eastern Old Town to the city harbor you can experience everything your vacation heart desires: cultural diversity, historical treasures, traditional beer, a colorful restaurant scene, fresh sea breezes and friendly Nordic Hanseatic people. Welcome to Rostock - where tradition and modernity are on course together!

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Ruegen (Binz)

Probably one of the most popular and well-known places for a beach vacation is the Baltic resort of Binz on the island of Ruegen. In addition to a magnificent endless sandy beach, the place also has a magnificent promenade with a special charm. Thereby, until the middle of the 19th century, this was only one of many small villages on the island of Ruegen. However, when bathing in the sea became fashionable from 1875, the place developed into a magnificent seaside resort, whose villas in the style of spa architecture are still admired by numerous visitors today.

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You can reach the east coast of Mecklenburg quite relaxed from our stop in Hamburg Hbf.

Our night express arrives at Hamburg Hbf around 8.00 am. From there you have connection to the direct onward journey to the Baltic Sea, about 8.21 am in less than 3 hours change-free directly to Rostock. From there you will reach the island of Ruegen after a 1.5 hour journey.

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Fotos: Manuel Schönfeld / Adobe Stock, Sina Ettmer / Adobe Stock, Andrew Buckin / Adobe Stock