Black Forest

The Black Forest vacation region covers a total of 11,100 square kilometers in southwestern Germany. The largest low mountain range in Germany offers different natural landscapes such as long forest mountains in the north, wide meadow valleys in the central Black Forest and the southern Black Forest with tree-free mountain tops rising to 1493 meters.

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Hiking and biking

The Black Forest is a paradise for hikers: 160 km long, up to 60 km wide, forests in the north, remote views to the Alps in the south. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter: In the Black Forest vacation region, hiking is possible all year round.

Bike tours with the family, downhill, gourmet tours between wine-growing villages or in river valleys, time trials with a racing bike group: In the Black Forest vacation region, the bicycle is an ideal means of transport and sports equipment at the same time.


The Black Forest vacation region is easy to reach from our stops in Freiburg im Breisgau, Basel-Bad and Karlsruhe.
Once you have arrived in the Black Forest, the KONUS guest card as a mobility card is your ideal means of transport. In about 150 communities, you will automatically receive the card upon arrival and can use it to crisscross the Black Forest by public transport. And it's even free of charge. One more reason to leave your car behind.

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